G3 Combat Pants-Advanced Version 2017 - Wolf Grey

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Tactical pants (the same as in complete combat uniform Gen3) by EmersonGear.

The pants have many pockets for equipment. The stretched positions are made of synthetic and elastic Lycra. On the knees are inserted padded protectors. They are provided with hard rubber on the outside. The pants are made of cotton and polyester with Teflon. Pants can be tightened around the knee so the pads fit well. Another tightening is at the ends of the legs to fit the shoes well. Knee pads are fitted with a hidden strap that leads to the pockets on the groin. By pulling or loosening this strap, the protector can be moved up or down as needed. The crotch is fastened with a zipper and a velcro flap at the top. The belt loops allow you to use a classic 4cm wide trouser belt.