Evolution ETS Electronic Trigger System

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Codice EA0159E


Operating voltage 7.4V-14.8V
2-3-4 cell programmable LiPo protection function
Programmable burst 1-250 BB
Digital trigger
Digital cut-off (mechanical cut-off must be removed)
Digital selector
Digital safety (mechanical safety can be removed, at the user's choice)
Compatible with third-party Mosfets (Mosfet required for operation. Oversized Mosfet unit Evolution Airsoft is recommended)
Faster trigger response
Higher shooting cadence
No battery consumption
Simple installation
Compact dimensions
Instruction manual in Italian
Designed and manufactured in Italy

The Evolution Airsoft ETS ™ is a technologically advanced electronic device designed and built in Italy with the best technology available and compatible with most Gearbox V2s without the need for modifications. Before the launch on the market, in about 2 years of testing and development, the electronic unit has undergone numerous improvements and modifications compared to the original design, and the version we are putting on the market is actually the Third Generation with numerous improvements in the Hardware and with software V5.2.3 supported by our powerful CPU and our Oversized Mosfet Unit ™ (sold separately).

ETS ™ is easy to install and program , detailed instructions in Italian are included in the package and downloadable from our website, also supported by a complete video-tutorial that illustrates the assembly and programming phases from the beginning to end and in every detail.

With the ETS ™ unit you can easily program the fire mode of your rifle , you will be able to program it of your choice so that it fires bursts of 3-4-10 shots or any other number of BBs between 1 and 250, this means that you can also have a shotgun that shoots exclusively in semi mode or that stops shooting after a certain number of shots (e.g. 30 shots) to simulate the use of a low capacity magazine. The software that equips the ETS ™ does not impose limits on you, you can program it as you want.

With the ETS ™ unit your LiPo battery is protected , you will no longer have batteries that swell due to excessive discharges thanks to the selectable LiPo Protection function that allows you to protect batteries from 7.4V, 11.1V but also from 14.8V! !!

With the ETS ™ unit, switching from one function to another is very easy , as is restoring the original functions of the rifle.

By replacing the original trigger with the ETS ™ you will also say goodbye to the known carbonization problems of the trigger contacts that afflict the standard contacts, as the current will pass through the Oversized Mosfet Unit ™, the powerful oversized MOSFET , which can be installed in the tube of the stock or even inside the gearbox as despite the large size of the MOSFET the size of the board has been miniaturized to ensure maximum versatility in assembly.

The ETS ™ is sold as a complete unit, the package includes everything needed for assembly, including cables and heat-shrinking sheath and can also be mounted separately if you already have a mosfet installed on your rifle as the software that equips the 'ETS ™ is also able to drive third-party mosfets to guarantee maximum versatility.

The ETS ™ has been fully designed in Italy where it is independently manufactured by Evolution Airsoft . As a premium feature, the unit is delivered in a custom mini case specially made for Evolution Airsoft by our partner Negrini, the famous manufacturer of high-end shotgun cases.