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Low Profile Modular Belt (LPMB Cobra Version)

A very popular, incredibly practical version of the low-profile tactical belt. The most important feature of the belt is its double construction: the set consists of a main belt, fastened with a buckle, lined with a hook Velcro fastener on the inside and an inner belt covered with loop Velcro.

The main belt is made of a double-assembled 50 millimetre polyamide webbing. Modularity is ensured by two rows of webbing tapered in half. What is important, all pouches in the PALS system work with this construction. The belt is fastened with an extremely durable, aluminium buckle Cobra, made by AustriAlpin. This buckle has a durability of 9kN!

The inner belt is made of a very rigid, 45mm wide polyamide webbing. The whole length is covered with a loop side of Velcro, on which we attach the main belt. It can be successfully used every day as a typical trouser belt.

The construction of the belt makes it light and keeps its low profile. It works very well with combat shirts. Velcro fastening to the inner belt prevents the belt from sliding and falling, even under heavy load. The belt is made of the highest quality components. Materials used include Pasamon/ Murdock straps, Velcro/ Alfatex and AustrAlpin buckles.

Belt sizes:

S: 80-100 cm

M: 90-110 cm

L: 100-120 cm

XL: 110-130 cm