GTW Gear Mini Chest Rig Ranger Green

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Modular chest rigg with internal pocket. Chest rigg was equipped with three rows of PALS tapes, eight cells each, which allowed to obtain a very large assembly area.  In addition, it has an internal, flat pocket with 100mm wide Velcro loop side trimmed on both sides. This allows you to expand your chest rigga with internal inserts, capable of holding up to four 5.56mm caliber rifle magazines or three 7.62 caliber magazines.

Instead of an insert, you can also mount a zipper, transforming the loader into a flat pocket for maps, for example. The Chest rigg has a large Velcro surface on the body side, allowing it to be attached to most plate carriers, or extended with additional accessories such as a dangler, holster or side pockets.

The straps are made of cordura inH-system and are a compromise between comfort and low profile. The harness arms are sewn at an angle for a better fit on the body. Soft foam-filled suspenders are also available as an option, which significantly increases comfort. The front parts are equipped with horizontal straps and rubber, allowing comfortable access to the hydration system or e.g. the radio.

The design of the chest rigga makes it possible to carry a large amount of equipment on a relatively small area; integrated magazine loaders save space for other pockets. It can be successfully used for dynamic, short actions as well as long, all-day patrols