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GTW Gear

GTW Gear Mini Dump Pouch Multicam

GTW Gear Mini Dump Pouch Multicam

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A small dump pouch capable of holding about eight AR magazines.  The bottom is made of durable constructional mesh, which prevents the accumulation of dirt inside, and allows for weight reduction.  The magazines are secured against falling out by an adjustable chimney made of lightweight nylon fabric.  It is worth noting that the bag can be fixed either in the PALS system or directly on a belt up to 50 millimetres wide.  The rolled up sack is fastened with a Velcro flap, so it takes up very little space during transport. Its dimensions after folding are only 8x8x5 cm!

The back of the dump pouch - a two-piece mounting system is very versatile.

The bottom is made of a constructional mesh to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

The adjustable chimney stack protects the magazines from falling out

The dump pouch is also ideal for mounting directly on the belt. 

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