Hurricane New Bore Up Cylinder set for AK

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Hurricane manufactures these bore up cylinder sets for a variety of AEGs. These are bore up cylinder kits. They are bore up because the cylinder is slightly larger than standard bore cylinder sets and so more air is compressed. A bore up cylinder set will make your AEG more efficient and reliable. Bore up sets usually increase your FPS as well. If your airsoft gun isn't getting excellent air compression this cylinder set is perfect for you.

We have cylinder sets compatible with M4 M16 Sig AK47 G3 P90 AUG XM177 MP5 and G36 airsoft guns. Hurricane is a Taiwanese manufacturer. Taiwanese airsoft manufactures have a history of making very high quality airsoft parts. Even though they are very high quality cylinder kits they are much more affordable compared to others.

Set For XM-177 AEGs Includes

  • Polymide Piston Head
  • Cylinder Head
  • Cylinder
  • Air Nozzle