Laser Cut Small Horizontal Individual First Aid Kit - Multicam

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Our Laser Cut IFAK pouch is designed to hold an operator's personal medical kit, including Combat Gauze, CAT and/or Trauma Bandage. They are all stored securely in a removable sleeve, which slots inside the outer pouch.
The sleeve and medkit are held firmly in place by elasticated sides and Velcro.
A large tab with non-slip Hypalon coating is attached to the inner sleeve and once pulled with force releases the inner sleeve from the otter pouch, allowing quick and easy access single-handed operation.

The Laser Cut IFAK has been designed to be attached horizontally to any one of our Warrior belts, by way of 4 MOLLE arms. It can also be attached vertically by using our Warrior 90-degree adapter.

Engineered from our high-quality composite laminate material and manufactured using our state of the art advanced laser cutting machines.