Night Evolution Modular Personal Lighting System MPLS3 (DE, Red/White/IR LED)

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• Resin polymer and Metal construction 
• The MPLS is a simple light source with multiple mounting options 
• Included helmet and MOLLE mounts allow for fast and easy transitioning 
• Able to quickly relocate the MPLS from one mounted position to another (helmet to
Molle to weapon and back)
• The metal elastic arm can be rotated 45 degrees, the light is everywhere 
• Variety of Modes: Low/High light, IR and Red
• Operated by 2x 2016 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

Material: Polymer and Metal
Color: Dark Earth (DE)
Size: 44mm x 31mm x17mm
Weight: 35g
LED color: Red / White/ IR
Power Source: 2x 2016 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries
Manufacturer: Night Evolution

Package Included:
1 x NE MPL3 main unit
1 x Molle/ Clip adaptor
1 x Railed helmet adaptor 
1 x Standard rail adaptor
1 x MICH helmet adaptor