Pitchfork Rip-Away First Aid Pouch - Coyote Brown

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The Rip-Away First Aid Pouch is a medium-sized first aid pouch, consisting of a MOLLE system-based platform and the pouch itself, which is mounted on the platform by means of hook & loop. In addition, the removable pouch is secured by a strap with hook & loop closure. The extra large Hypalon flap at the end of the strap ensures a good grip, even when gloves are worn. On the front there is a 50 x 50mm large hook & loop surface for attaching identification patches such as a Medic Cross (sold separately). Thanks to an elastic loop, a tourniquet can be attached to the underside, keeping it always at hand.

On the inside, the Rip-Away First Aid Pouch is equipped with a variety of loops, compartments and mesh pockets, which in addition to gloves and dressings also can hold narrower equipment such as pens etc.. It can be opened almost completely, so that it can be laid flat when in use. When opened in mounted state, all compartments are facing upwards so that contents can not be lost.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the product fits perfectly on the side panels of the Pitchfork MPC Modular Plate Carrier, or alternatively on the back of a Battle Belt as well as any other MOLLE surface.

Material: Cordura 500D Nylon & LaserCut laminate, Hypalon
Dimensions: approx. 160 x 160 x 50 mm