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Specna Arms SA-C22 Core Carabine Black


Description Introducing the SA-C22 CORE™, a variation of the ever-present and highly popular M4/AR15 platform. This rifle features a 13.5 inch CNC machined Aluminium M-LOK handguard, providing a lightweight and stylish solution for the addition of accessories. With the addition of M-LOK Picatinny rails this AEG can accept any accessories designed...

Specna Arms SA-C22 Core Carabine Black

Specna Arms SA-C22 Core Carabine Black

Introducing the SA-C22 CORE™, a variation of the ever-present and highly popular M4/AR15 platform. This rifle features a 13.5 inch CNC machined Aluminium M-LOK handguard, providing a lightweight and stylish solution for the addition of accessories. With the addition of M-LOK Picatinny rails this AEG can accept any accessories designed for a 20mm Picatinny rail system, but can also accept more modern accessories which attach directly to the M-LOK slots, keeping the weight low for rapid snap shooting.

At the tip of the 14.5 inch alloy outer barrel we are provided with a birdcage flash hider, providing a menacing look at the business end of this AEG whilst also concealing 14mm CCW male threads beneath. These threads can be used for adding suppressors, tracers or other muzzle devices to adapt the SA-C22 to suit your particular needs. Surrounding the outer barrel we have a 13.5 inch M-LOK rail system providing attachment slots at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock position and a 20mm Picatinny rail at the 12 o'clock position. The upper rail mates perfectly with the railed receiver, providing plenty of room for the addition of optical sights of any size and a long sight radius for the included flip up aperture iron sights, which come pre-installed on the rifle. The handguard is a close reproduction of the SMR style rail; an up to date and highly popular rail system amongst civilian tactical shooters and Special Forces Operators alike in the United States.

As we reach the receiver we can note the familiar AR15 style of this AEG, with the controls being well placed for fast target acquisition and efficient body mechanics. The receiver itself is constructed from high density polymer, allowing this complete rifle to weigh considerably less than full metal equivalents. The Polymer receiver also provides scratch and wear resistance, so if you manhandle this AEG the result won't be a deep silver scratch, ruining the looks. The fire selector can be found on the left side of the receiver, providing 3 fire modes: SAFE, SEMI and AUTO. This switch sits comfortably beneath the shooters thumb whilst in a firing grip which makes quickly switching between modes a breeze. The magazine release can be found on the right side of the receiver, on the magazine well, and is positioned so it lies within reach of the trigger finger when the rifle is in a firing grip, allowing a fast reload in the heat of battle, saving you precious seconds to get those fleeting kills! In the centre of the left side of the receiver we can find the mock bolt release catch, which provides no function on an AEG but is included for added realism. Over on the right side, we can find the ejection port, concealed behind the steel dust cover. This port can be opened, by pulling the charging handle to the rear, revealing the rotary adjuster for your HOP up. Adjusting this up and down increases and decreases the backspin applied to the BB, and when set correctly it will increase range and improve consistency. The charging handle can be found at the top rear of the receiver, and provides and extended latch on the left side, reducing the odds of you accidentally missing the charging handle when under pressure. The right side of the receiver also features a mock shell deflector and a mock forward assist, neither of which provide a function but are nonetheless an integral part of the M4/AR15 look and essential for realistic looks. The pistol grip installed on the rifle is an M16A2 finger ridged type, sporting textured panels on the sides and rear of the grip to ensure it stays firmly in your hands in any weather condition, with or without gloves.

As we reach the rear of the rifle we can find an AR15 6 position buffer tube, constructed from the same high strength polymer as the receiver. This buffer tube is compatible with any aftermarket AEG stock designed for an AR buffer tube, leaving your options open if you want to change the look of your setup down the line. The stock provided with the rifle is a crane style battery stock, providing a large battery space as well as two sling slots and a QD sling point on either side. When coupled with an M-LOK or Picatinny sling adapter (not included) this allows the rifle to be used with two or three point slings.

Now, on to the internals of the SA-C22. The gearbox shell is metal, and the gears run on 8mm slide bearings, making the cycling very smooth and unlaboured. The gearbox also features a Steel Rack on the piston, adding strength where it is needed, as well as a Type 0 Cylinder which has no porting to allow air to escape, making it very efficient. The gears are made entirely from steel, as one would expect, and the gearbox also provides Specna Arm's EAS Quick Spring Change System, enabling a quick spring change to compete at different skirmish sites with different velocity limits. To complete the package a Rotary HOP unit and precision 6.03mm barrel come as standard to ensure you can reach out further and hit more consistently. The rotary HOP system provides improved consistency and holds its setting more effectively than older gear style units, and the tight bore barrel ensures the rifle is above average in accuracy and has excellent air seal.

If you are a new player looking for something to start with, or a veteran Airsofter who wants a simple, extremely well equipped AEG that just works, Specna's CORE™ range has been designed with you in mind. For the skirmisher who needs a mid length carbine with the light, handy characteristics to turn and burn in CQB and high end internals and excellent range and accuracy for long range engagements, the SA-C22 is the perfect AEG.


  • M-LOK handguard
  • Rotary HOP unit
  • Pre-upgraded internals
  • 20mm Picatinny Railed receiver
  • 6.03mm Tight bore inner barrel
  • High-Density Polymer receiver
  • Extended charging handle latch
  • Alloy outer barrel with 14mm CCW male threads
  • Crane style stock - Large battery compartment
  • Mid length setup - Great for CQB and Outdoors!
  • Includes flip up aperture iron sights
  • Ergonomic design - Easy to be fast with this rifle

Package Includes

  • Specna Arms SA-C22 CORE™ AEG Rifle
  • 300 rnd High Capacity Magazine
  • Specna Arms sticker pack
  • User Manual

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