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Contractor House and Portuguese Armed Forces

We do our best to provide high quality gear to our men and women that serve in the military, our commitment to be always ready and loyal to fulfill their needs on the battlefield.

Portuguese Paratrooper deployed at Central African Republic

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Rua Agostinho da Silva Rocha, 893
4475-451 Cidade da Maia

Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday, Saturday, Friday      10:30 -13:00 

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Our Story

Contractor House, was founded in 2017, by Ernesto Mendes in Maia, next to Porto. This house was born from the passion for airsoft and military life. In addition we provide services and training to security professionals.
Contractor House is commited to be a supplier of the best international brands on the  market for its customers. Our goal is to keep alive the life style, well-being and performance for the true lovers of airsoft, and provide the professionals the best they deserve .