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FPS Low Resistance Wires


The FPS Low Resistance Wires are designed to replace your old wire set.Easy to solder and replace.With low resistance wires, increased trigger response and rate of fire will be obtained due to higher conductivity.This is a simple way to improve the overall efficiency of your airsoft gun. Diameter: 1.70 mmLength: 2 metersMaximum operating temperature: 250°C 100% MADE IN ITALY100% MARUI...

High conductivity signal cable covered in FEP with 19 pure copper capillaries coated in chrome


FPS is proud to present the first 100% made in Italy cable specifically designed for use in the electronics of replicas for softair (mosfet and control units). Its FEP coating ensures perfect insulation and adequate resistance which, combined with the flexibility of the small capillaries that compose it, ensures the passage of this thin signal cable into each channel of...

SHS Full Wiring for gearbox V2


AEG switch assembly with Dean T-connector for V2 Gearboxes with rear wiring suitable.