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ETINY motor pinion gear for PTW


Motor Pinion gear, made of steel, screw included. Suitable for Systema, Etiny, SHS and FCC motor. We do not recommend this item for A&K gearbox and SHS gear set, due to the use of a different shaped bevel gear.

PTW pinion gear


CNC Steel Pinion Gear for Systema PTW AEG (CL7023) Designed for replacing of the original Pinion Gear

ETINY Advanced ECU for Systema PTW Full Auto & Burst


Using the CTW trigger as programmator, you can modify : To change Full Auto/3 Burst Mode in your Manual ECU you have to 1. Unload magazine 2. release bolt switch 3. turn selector switch to Auto from Safe 4. press and hold trigger until a flash from LED 5. mode changed.   To change Day/Night mode of LED you have...