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Acetech Tracer BRIGHTER C


A plotter for all weathers with IP64 protection! Dimensions: 57x28mm weight: 32g Burst Speed: up to 35PRS Battery: Li-ion, charging time 2.5h, durability up to 20,000 shots Not compatible with red tracer BBs   World's first patented design without switch: it turns on by shaking it. With its IP64 protection, you can play your games without worrying about atmospheric conditions....

Acetech Blaster C Tracer Unit Black


ACETECH makes some of the best tracer units for both rifles and pistols. The Blaster C is an even more compact unit compared to the original blaster that ideally works with pistols, SMGs, or PCCs. Coming with 11mm CW threads, the tracer unit can thread onto guns with internal threading or you can opt to use its 14mm CCW thread...

T238 Rainbow burst tracer module


T238 Rainbow burst tracer module

ACETECH RAIDER Tracer Unit Blaster M


Acetech's Raider tracer silencer with innovative Blaster M unit and muzzle flash imitation. The tracer lights up green tracer BBs that causes a fantastic effect during the flight at night. It is visible throughout the flight trajectory and imitates the real tracer ammunition. However, the most interesting function of the Raider is to imitate the muzzle flash. At the end...

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