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BLS High Precision Made - 0,43g 2300bb Pellets - GREY


Specifications: -6mm -Material: Biodegradable PLA -5000 BBs per bag   Biodegradable material Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a granulate of natural character composed mainly from corn. With this composition, BBs quicker disintegrate due to temperature and UV radiation   BLS focuses on the best stable quality and environmental friendly proces. We have all the certificates for ISO 9001 quality management system...

Specna Arms Edge 0.43g Bio BB Professional Performance 1000rds White


BRAND SPECNA ARMS®BIO Precision BB's.Model 0.43gr.WHITE color.Content 1000 bbs.BB EDGE™ diameter is 5.95mm ( /- 0.005mm).The difference in weight between the BBs does not exceed 0.01gr.Special friction reduction layer to ensure trouble-free compatibility with precision barrels.