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TM M4A1 MWS Part MGG2-79 Oring


TM M4A1 MWS Part MGG2-79 Oring

AIRTECH STUDIOS G&G SMC-9 IBS Inner Barrel Stabilizer


The IBS™ Inner Barrel Stabilizer Unit is designed to lock down the gun's inner barrel to prevent any axis movement at the muzzle and hop-up end which may cause major deviations and inconsistencies on the BB's trajectory. Once installed, your rifle performance will noticeably shoot straighter and further with a proven improvement in groupings. This is one of the easiest yet most...



Designed to achieve ultimate consistency, the Friction Pro hop-up bucking focuses on creating a perfectly centered axis of spin in every shot. While based on a rather traditional single-point design, the unique contour of the contact patch generates enough friction to even lift heavy BBs up to 0.48 grams, while minimizing contact surface to ensure there’s no room for error....

Nozzle Hi-Capa 5.1 - AW CUSTOM


Nozzle Hi-Capa 5.1 - AW CUSTOM

VSR/GBB Flamingo Bucking 60 Degree - 2021 version


The new Flamingo VSR/GBB Gen3 (2023) bucking from SniperMechanic. Improved contact patch, placement and materials. This bucking will fit any rifles/pistols that use the VSR/GBB style bucking. This bucking was a long time project in the making, one of the earliest but most challenging. However it's here and it's unique design and material offers great shot to shot consistency and...

Nozzle set Plastic for Hi-capa Cowcow


Complete nozzle kit This complete polymer nozzle kit offers a more durable and resistant quality than the original part of the GBB AAP01 Action Army pistol. Its design allows for better performance. Included: plastic nozzle valve, valve spring, nozzle, valve pin lock, 14mm piston head (PU18380) & 7.2 internal diameter * 2.4mm O-ring for o-ring BBU.For TM Hi-Capa & 1911



The G&G SMC-9 Downgrade Nozzle Kit 1.2J (Yellow) is an enhanced, reinforced nozzle designed to allow the pistol to have higher durability over the stock out of the box pistol due to it being able to better take the rigors of green gas use. This nozzle can limit the amount of pressure coming from your mag thus downgrading power to...

Maple Leaf Autobot hop bucking 70 º


Maple Leaf Autobot hop bucking 70 º

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