AirsoftPro Standalone CNC Hopup Chamber for M4 Gen2

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Fabricante: AIRSOFTPRO


The second generation of the popular CNC chambers for M4 / M16 brings a number of improvements. Besides attractive colors united with the MBLOCK, we did several dimensional adjustments that simplify installation and reduce possibility of the technical complications.

There are many options how to increase your airsoft gun performance. Many players choose stright way: Stronger springs instalation. You definitelly increase FPS, but it require other parts replacement as well as. And it might be expensive.   You risk damage and faster worn of the internal parts.  Smart user prefer more clever option - better sealing. Stop air leakage.

Our new chamber follows-up successfull Airsoftpro chambers line up. Our customers have good experiences with bolt action rifles chambers, which improove sealing, solve double feeding..etc. Now we offer new part for AEG M4 users. It means for M4, M15,M16, HK416, SR25, MP44...etc with one piece hop up.


Our CNC chamber is made of the one piece of alluminium alloy 6061-T6. This material is very hard, but light. Chamber weight is only 14.3g (without accessories). It is no re-brand. These chambers were made in Czech republic on high precision CNC machines.

Basic characteristics:

  • Made on high precision CNC machines.
  • Much better sealing.
  • Durable body with blue anodized coating.
  • Center ring for perfect axial barrel location. (included only in full version)
  • 0,5mm londer tube part for better BBs feeding and magazine open.
  • Easy instalation within 5 minutes. Detail instalation guide available.
  • Deeper barrel lock groove.
  • 100% compatibility with MBlock.