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Combat Systems

Combat Systems Sentinel 2.0 Plate Carrier Multicam

Combat Systems Sentinel 2.0 Plate Carrier Multicam

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Several years long pursuit of innovation has brought the Sentinel 2.0 Plate Carrier. Thanks to feedback of hundred MIL/LE guys we took every part of the carrier and look deep into the core and make it better in every way while the plate carrier maintained its status as lightweight and scalable. Result you see here today is the Sentinel 2.0. The first gen was great, no doubt … but we will be constantly improving whenever necessary. 


Core of the Sentinel 2.0 is built with our in house made 500D Cordura® laminate which allows using laser cut technology while be able to take serious abuse in real world environments. Back part of plate bags is covered with 3D spacer mesh using Coolmax moisture control. Comfort is secured with extra EVA foam padded sewn in inserts. All materials we use are made in USA according to latest MIL-SPEC standards. Some do compromise we don't!


Working off our scalable philosophy, new and updated features has been added to increase versatility. Front plate bag comes with built in admin pocket which allows you rapid exchange of shoulder buckles or store some small flat gear. Yes you can switch ROC for Tubes, ITW Nexus, Durflex Tactik or whatever you want. You can use quick release buckle only on one shoulder or built your own set up as you wish. 


Front flaps and placards could be mounted via G-hook attachment points or using QASM buckles. Our new redesigned low profile front flap comes with G-Hook attachment as standard and might be easily transformed into micro chest rig. Front flap has 4 attachment points which could be equipped with ITW Split Bar buckles and with harness and velcro cover you will get micro chest rig.

Back Plate bags comes with 3" wide sewn on Velcro panel for ID such as POLICE signs. Additional feature of plate bag is built in carry handle and brand new completely redesigned way of cummerbund adjusting. Our armor and skeletal cummerbund (sold separately) are compatible with Crye JPC and other plate carrier and vests manufacturers.

cummerbund detail





  • Designed for SAPI/ESAPI (10"x12" could be worn in Medium)
  • Laser cut technology
  • Built it admin pocket
  • Changeable shoulder buckles (Includes 1 ROC left and right kit - other options sold separately)
  • G-Hook or ITW QASM attachment points for accessories and chest rigs mount
  • Velcro for ID
  • Velcro plate bag closure
  • One Wrap comm routing loops
  • Straps for PTT
  • G-Hook MOLLE Front Flap (Split Bars buckles and harness for building micro rig sold separately) 


  • Laser cut technology
  • 3" wide Velcro for ID
  • Velcro plate bag closure
  • Carry handle


  • Designed for soft armor and side hard plates
  • Laser cut technology
  • Comes with ROC QRS buckles (Velcro option or Skeletal cummerbund sold separately)
  • Can carry soft armor
  • Can carry ESBI 6"x6" plates 
  • Made in Czech Republic

The size of the carrier has nothing to do with your shirt size but everything to do with the size of your armor plate. When you dont have any hard plate use table based on Chest and Height !

Size  Plate Dimension Chest circumference Height
S 222 x 298 mm (8¾ x 11¾ in) 84 - 94 cm 160 - 170 cm
M 241 x 318 mm (9½ x 12½ in) 95 - 105 cm 171 - 180 cm
L 260 x 337 mm (10⅛ x 13¼ in) 106 - 116 cm 181 - 190 cm
XL 280 x 356 mm (11 x 14 in) 117-128 cm 191 - 200 cm
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