E&L AR15 Mid Cap 120 rnd

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Externally the magazine is an accurate replica of the STANAG 5.56mm magazine, constructed from durable Alloy and features all the usual details Airsofters have come to expect of STANAG magazines; construction is smooth with no rough, unfinished edges. Designed to fit E&Ls range of AR15 based AEG replicas, from the M4A1 and MK18 to the futuristic Operator-like MUR Carbine, this Magazine fits firmly into the Airsoft guns Magwells and locks solidly in place. As a 120rnd Midcap, this magazine is loaded from the top, using a Speed Loader. Airsoft BB ammunition is loaded directly into the Airsoft gun from the magazines Feed Tube, there is no need to wind the magazine, and consequently the magazine is silent. Unlike Hi-Cap magazines, this magazine doesn't rattle. E&L Airsofts AR15 magazine is an essential purchase for owners of an E&L AEG, especially for those Airsofters wanting to inject a little more realism to their playstyle, with a restriction on their ammunition count.


  • Airsoft replica STANAG 5.56mm magazine
  • Designed for E&L’s AR15 / M4 / MK18 / MUR Carbine series of AEGs
  • Medium capacity, spring fed magazine design
  • 120 round capacity 6mm BB magazine
  • Realistic looking Alloy shell with Polymer internals
  • Loaded using an Airsoft speedloader
  • Spring fed design means no rattle like high-cap magazine

Package Includes

  • AR15 120rnd AEG Midcap Magazine