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Gate Titan V2 Basic Module Rear Wired

Gate Titan V2 Basic Module Rear Wired

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The best for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. Economic version with limited number of functions. If you will decide to have more functions, there is always option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED. In order to upgrade your TITAN firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED, you need to purchase the upgrade

  • TITAN has no less than eight sensors!
  • 1 gear sensor
  • 2 selector sensors
  • 5 trigger sensors
  • Every time you pull the trigger gearbox completes the correct cycle. The gears stop exactly where they should. The gearbox works efficiently.
  • It is protected against short-circuits, overheating and overloading
  • It protects the battery against over-discharge
  • It significantly improves battery life, rate of fire, spring life and gearbox reliability (when pre-cocking is off)
  • It is compatible with the strongest AEG replicas and batteries (ready to use with LiPo 14.8V, 5000 mAh, 60C)

    Kit contents:
    TITAN Drop-in Version 2 Module
    Installation Kit
    Quickstart Guides
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