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GTW Gear

GTW Gear Dangler Pouch Multicam

GTW Gear Dangler Pouch Multicam

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It is a universal solution allowing to carry the most needed equipment in an easily accessible place. The pocket is attached to the vest or chest rigg with a large Velcro panel. On the front panel you will find a zipper that opens access to a flat pocket and a small piece of Velcro.

Dangler dimensions are 20x12x6 cm. The main compartment is equipped with a number of rubbers and compartments to ensure a well thought-out organization of the equipment. On the front wall there are three compartments of different widths, for example, a multitool, a flashlight. Opposite it there is one large partition with sewn-in rubber of 25mm width. In the upper part of the kidney there is a loop made of paracord, and on the other side there is rubber capable of holding a pen or lightstick. At the bottom there are two eyelets through which you can pull the shockcord (included), thus creating a grip for the tourniquet.

The Dangler can also perfectly accommodate a basic medical package, grenades or night vision. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the future user.

Despite its small size, the dangler is very capacious.

A number of partitions and rubbers allow for orderly handling of the equipment. 

The most necessary equipment will always be at hand from now on.

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