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GTW GEAR Low Profile Modular Belt Ranger Green

GTW GEAR Low Profile Modular Belt Ranger Green

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The most important feature of the belt is its double construction: the set consists of a main belt, fastened with a buckle, lined on the inside with hook velcro, and an inner belt lined with loop velcro.


The main belt is constructed of double-folded, very rigid polyamide webbing, 45mm wide. Modularity is provided by two rows of halved pals made of cordura laminate. What is important, all pockets and pouches in PALS system cooperate with this construction.

Replacement of classic webbing with laminate allows for complete coverage of the belt with camouflage and reduces the profile.

The belt is fastened with an extremely resistant buckle Cobra Dring from Austrian company AustriAlpin. This buckle has a strength of 18kN!

Dring is additionally secured with a Velcro one-wrap loop, and next to it there is a discreet producer's logo engraved.

The belt is equipped with the " reverse regulation" system. This means that the strap from the adjustment is hidden inside, which makes the whole look much more aesthetic, and the end does not hang down and does not get tangled after adjustment.

The design of the belt makes it lightweight and works very well with combat shirts.

Connecting the inner belt to the main belt with Velcro prevents it from moving and falling, even under heavy load.


Inner belt included.

Size: Waist circumference
S 80- 90 cm
M 90- 100 cm
L 100- 110 cm
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