GTW Hydration Backpack Ranger Green

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Hydration backpack Created for the most demanding users. Perfectly designed to complement the second or third line of equipment. The backpack has two compartments; a larger one, measuring 35x24x8cm, and a smaller one, measuring 16x24x5cm, which allows for a total capacity of about 9 litres. In addition, there is a flat zippered pocket on the outside of the backpack, which is perfect for carrying maps, tablets and other flat accessories. Below the zipper there are two rows of PALS tapes sewn on, additionally covered with Velcro, useful for attaching patches. The modular system makes it possible to expand the backpack in a few moments, for example with grenade pouches or additional magazines. Below you will find a zipper allowing access to a smaller compartment. It is sewn horizontally on the front wall, not like in most constructions from above. This allows very easy and quick access to the contents. This place is perfect for carrying, for example, a handy first-aid kit, additional ammunition and other most necessary items that require immediate access. Below the slider there are two vertical rubber bands with stitching every 20mm. They are ideal for overwhelming chem lights. The main compartment of the backpack is closed with a two-way zipper. Inside there is a separate compartment for a hydration bladder made of mesh, which is held from the top with a loop of webbing. The exits to the tube of the hydration system are both on the right and left side and are additionally secured with a rubber flap. The backpack has a two-fold carrying system; it can be mounted on any plate carrier with PALS system, but after fixing additional harnesses it is suitable for carrying as a standalone structure