IMI Defense - Concealed Carry Holster - Sub-Compact Handguns

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This simple but efficient IWB (inside the waistband) solution is the perfect everyday use carry holster. The CCH is built of no more and no less than what’s needed to hold the firearm in place and protect the trigger area with the maximum comfort and concealment possible.

Used correctly this holster can even keep a full size handgun hidden and secured under a thin shirt. Made of our high quality material and build standards, this holster sets a new standard of carrying options.

An interchangeable barrel pin allows you to determine the depth of the handgun below the waistband. The holster can be converted for right or left hand carry by moving the barrel pin between the two holes.

Fits 9mm / .40 / .357 / .38 caliber pistols
Fits Glock 42, 43
Color: Black

Made in Israel