MapleLeaf Monster Hop Up Rubber 80 Degree for AEG

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Designed specifically for AEGs, this 80 degree Hop rubber is intended to improve your AEG's range and accuracy consistency. The contact patch in a hop rubber is the part that actually contacts the BB and applies the back spin, the contact patch on the Maple Leaf Monster hop rubber range are designed with a wide flat contact patch meaning they apply a uniform amount of pressure across the top of the BB and also assists in keeping the BB true and central in the barrel. Made from a silicone with a 80 degrees of hardness the hop rubber will be most effective when using 0.28g BBs. The Maple Leaf Monster range of hop rubbers are perfect for skirmishers either looking to replace a damaged or torn rubber in their AEGs, or upgrade to a better quality hop set up to improve air seal and consistency in shot for shot accuracy.


  • Designed To Be Used With All BB Weights
  • High Performance Bucking
  • External Ribs For Better Air seal
  • Engineered to boost Range and Accuracy
  • Maximises contact with BB across the Patch
  • Specially designed Wide Contact Patch 
  • Aligns BBs during Firing
  • Evenly Grips around the BB for a better Air Seal
  • Operates in temperatures from -50°c to 230°c
  • Designed to Withstand Thousands of Rounds

Package Includes:

  • Monster Hop Up Rubber 80 Degree for AEG