MAXX Model CNC Titanium Adjustable Air Seal Nozzle 22 - 25mm

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The Maxx Model CNC Titanium Adjustable Air Seal Nozzle 22mm - 25mm for AEG is very easy to adjust to the right length for your airsoft gun and prevents feeding issues.

Great solution to all the hassle around which Nozzle you need for your specific airsoft gun. A 100th of a mm difference in length and you may already have a problem with feeding. This Nozzle from Maxx Model solves this problem perfectly for you.

It is adjustable from 22 to 25mm by simply rotating the 2 parts apart to the desired length, just test it a few times and once it's perfect just a little locktight on the thread so it stays on length and it's ready to go.

Besides this super cool option it is also made of Titanium and CNC machined which makes it very high quality.