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Potency Motor Albero Long 26K Brutal

Potency Motor Albero Long 26K Brutal

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BRUTAL™ Torque / Speed ​​26000 rpm motor, designed in Italy by Nikksakk Extreme AirsoftCustom in collaboration with

Built with top quality materials, suitable for all types of use with 18.1 / 16.1 / 13.1 / 12.1 and Dual Sector gears.

We have selected the best internal components to have extreme performance both with 7.4v batteries but especially with 11.1v batteries.

-Cable of excellent quality for the windings.
-Very long-lasting brushes with pure copper cable.
-With the 2 bearings on the shaft holder in Ergal we have 4 total bearings that fully stabilize the rotation.
-Pinion with MIM technology that adapts perfectly to almost all gears.
-LONG shaft model.

Thanks to these targeted choices we reached a steady torque of 2.45Kgcm while maintaining 26000 effective rpm with 11.1v battery, all of which translates into extreme reactivity on a single shot and a more or less moderate rate depending on the ratio chosen for the gears.
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