RWA SPS Falcon CO2 Version

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  • Slimmer grip for single stack magazine design.
  • Fully licensed pistol with correct markings.
  • CO2 Magazine included.
  • Full Metal Construction.
  • Superb recoil.
  • Compatible with KWC 1911 magazines with flush base plate if you prefer.
  • This product can be installed with a NPAS Valve that will reduce the output power significantly to 320fps - 350fps which makes it acceptable in CQB games. You'll have to install it yourself though, which is straight forward. 


    Length - 220mm
    Weight - 900g
    Magazine Capacity - 17 Rounds
    Power Source - CO2 Gas
    Blowback - Yes
    Shooting Modes - Semi Only
    Hop-up - Adjustable by removing slide
    Magazine Compatibility - RWL 17rd Co2 Magazine for RWA Nighthawk Custom RECON / Covert Ops/ SPS Falcon & KWC Co2 Magazine for (KCB77AHN) & RWA SPS Falcon
    FPS - 390

    SPS pistols are originally designed for speed shooting but RWA have taken it a step towards airsoft, allowing airsofters to use it for both IPSC and regular skirmish games. The design is rather similar to the Recon version with SPS markings, serial numbers (which Spain need on each pistol) SPS grip panels and hammer. The trigger now has a slight groove making it a little lighter than its older brother, the Recon. The outer barrel is much lighter and is now chrome which is very beautiful against the black. It is powered by CO2 and delivers a very strong recoil kick as well as very effective power of 400fps on 0.2g BB's and the performance is stable and effective even in cold weather. It also offers an accessory rail system for attaching flashlights and lasers for tactical use. Something you don't see on the real steel SPS pistol, but this is Airsoft and it is always handy to have extra accessories. It does replicate a real single stack 1911 with the same dimensions, functional features, field stripping and shooting mechanics. It is designed to deliver solid performance at an affordable price. Removable and re-loadable full size 17 round magazine means you can also practice fast reloads using the realistic slide lock feature.

    About RWA:

    RWA is a premium manufacturer of licensed airsoft products and an international B2B distributor of many desired brands. Specializing only in premium grade products that experienced customers are after, RWA works with many retail outlets internationally through our various offices located in Hong Kong, UK, France, Russia, Spain and the USA. They serve regional customers through these offices with their international sales team. Founded in 2004, RWA currently supplies thousands of shops with daily supplies of both popular and unique / exotic products. Their wide sourcing network and their great prices means our customers can stock their stores with the latest products that differentiates them from the crowd. They can also supply all kinds of hard-to-find parts for servicing and repairs.

    About Umarex:

    SPS was founded as Arms manufacturers in 1996. After 15 years in the market of High Competition Pistols, continuing with the effort to improve, they introduced their new Range of Pistols with attractive design, combining the best hard chrome in black and silver treatment, as well as customized fitting. They take advantage of the latest technologies of our CNC machines enabling them to make high quality Frames, Slides, Barrels, and other spare parts.


    x1 RWA SPS Falcon
    x1 Manual.
    x1 17 Rnd Magazine.
    x1 Small bag of sample BBs.