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Secutor Velites Invicta G-III Tan

Secutor Velites Invicta G-III Tan

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The massive gas-powered Velites Invicta G-III Shotgun replica from Secutor Arms is made entirely of high quality metal except for the repeating stock, the pistol grip and the viper barrel.

The tactical shotgun is equipped with a KeyMod handguard for mounting a flashlight or laser. The long 22 mm RIS rail is used to mount an optic.

Flip-up sights are already pre-assembled for good sights. This model has 3 barrels that are filled simultaneously with one loading movement. The repeating process is very soft and absolutely smooth.

A new feature of the Velites G series is that the number of shots of 3 or 6 BBs can be set using a selector . This means that the gas tank in the stock tube, which has to be filled with green gas , accelerate 3 or 6 BB s simultaneously to about 300 fps for each "pump". With a gas filling, about 40 shots are possible before "reloading" is necessary.

Authentic caliber 12 cartridges serve as magazine, which are filled with 30 BBs . That is enough for a whopping 10 rounds before the cartridge has to be changed. The great advantage of this system: the cartridges are not lost and do not have to be laboriously collected on the field.

The set includes:

- Secutor Velites Invicta G-III tactical shotgun
- 3 x Shell Magazine
- BB Speedloader + Test BBs


Length: 660 - 740 mm
Weight: 2,200 g
Inner barrel length: 220 mm
Hop-up: yes, fix
Performance: 300 fps / 0.9 joules
Optimal range: 30 meters
Maximum range: 40 meters

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