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Slong 6.05 MM Super Range Precision Barrel for GBB/AEG 100 MM

Slong 6.05 MM Super Range Precision Barrel for GBB/AEG 100 MM

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The main body of the SLONG precision inner barrel is made of corrosion-resistant and high-toughness alloy to achieve shock absorbing effect. Its inner walls are chemically polished followed by reflective mirror technology treatment. This two-step process allows BB pellet to travel the SLONG precision inner barrel with reduced friction.

Enlarged Groove design in the Precision Inner Barrel allows a tighter interaction with the Hop-Up, substantially enlarging the area of friction between Hop-Up and BB pellets, Maximizing the momentum exerted by the air stream from the Cylinder and the kinetic energy of the pellet. Single-Point Swirling Air Stream Design. The rest of the SLONG precision inner barrel is treated with precision electroplating process. It possesses a steellike hardness, is shock-absorbing, corrosion-resistant, acidand-alkali-resistant, and has extended service life.

Enlarged groove with all the milling made in the SLONG factory make this barrel both compatible with AEG, GBB and VSR rubber. may be some GBB / VSR rubber won't be directly compatible if they need the barrel to be opened completly.

The HOP-UP Bucking and the SLONG Precision Inner Barrel must be installed properly and the Hop-Up must be free from any grease to achieve maximum benefits.

Improvment on the new Super Range models :

  • "HOP Rubber" pressing-area is increased and the effect is improved.
  • Increased inner wall chamber angle makes "BB" smoother without blocking.
  • 3 orings are delivered to prevent any vibration between inner and outer barrel.
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