Specna Arms Double Air-Sealed Aluminum Cylinder Head V2/V3

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Double Air-Sealed Aluminum Cylinder Head V2/V3

Specna Arms is a renowned brand on the airsoft market. We meet the expectations of our clients and introduce high-quality internal parts as separate products. From now on pistons, cylinders, nozzle, gearbox frames and many others will be available for purchase. This will allow you to create a replica with maximum performance. Specna Arms does not fall behind - it constantly grows and perfects its products in order to provide its clients with optimal solutions on the airsoft market.

A double air-sealed cylinder head made of high-quality aluminum for GB V2/V3. A precise processing using CNC machines guarantees an ideal fit with a cylinder. At the bottom is an O-ring seal, which enables the implementation of a suppressed piston head.

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Specna Arms