Templar's Gear TPC Hybrid Cummerbund Coyote

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Hybrid Cummerbund is a component of the Light Modular Equipment System, dedicated to work with Templars Plate Carrier. The cummerbund stabilizes the plate carrier, also providing additional load carrying space. The back of the cummerbund is made of elastic rubber band, which provided elasticity required for close but comfortable fitting. The cummerbund’s length can be adjusted by a rear-placed Velcro closure. Additionally, this part can be attached to the plate carrier, preventing the cummerbund from moving in respect to the TG-TPC. The front part is made out of durable Cordura 500D–based laminate with a IRR treatment. Openings allow to attach MOLLE equipment and guarantee cummerbund’s low weight and excellent torso ventilation.Fits Templars Plate Carrier and other vests with "tunnel" on the back.


  • S : 85 - 95 cm
  • M : 90 - 110 cm
  • L : 105 - 125 cm
  • XL : 115 - 135 cm


Product features:

  • Made from a wide, double elastic band and Cordura laminate
  • Adjustable thanks to Velcro trim
  • Compatible with TPC or simillar design plate carriers
  • Laser cut slots for additional pockets attachment
  • Product code: TG-TPC-HCB
  • Manufacturer: Templars Gear, Poland