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Among the fans, the early models of the socom mark 23, called legendary guns, are lined up with a silencer and a L.A.M. (= light attachment module) as a full set of gas guns.
All of these are stored in a hard container and gun case, and it is a special set that has an image of being delivered to the elite.
The combination of the body and the silencer with the slide operation in the middle offers excellent noise reduction among all products.
While enhancing the practicality of the game use, it reproduces the power of appearance by attaching the light attachment module, and it is the best model for the collection.
Gun case storage full set: The SOCOM mark 23 and a dedicated silencer, L.A.M., are stored in a hard container / gun case.
The fun of opening the package and assembling it into a fully equipped condition is exceptional.
Excellent quietness: By attaching a silencer to a fixed slide gas gun that suppresses the operation noise, even the launch noise is reduced. It is a model with excellent secrecy.
Removable L.A.M .: The proprietary L.A.M. can be attached to the proprietary underrail integrated with the frame.
In addition, high intensity white LED is adopted for the flash light of L.A.M., and the dummy lighting by the red LED is possible in the laser irradiation part, and the atmosphere is boosted.

[Set contents]: Socom mark 23 body, silencer, light attachment module, magazine (28 bullets), gun case, protective cap, cleaning rod, BB bullet (0.2 g / 100 shots) ,other

U.S.SOCOM (US Special Operations Combined Forces) will start developing in 1990 a handgun for assault attacks, which is supposed to be counter-terrorist, so-called Sorcom pistol.
The conditions for the socom pistol imposed on manufacturers selected from the United States and European countries are using .45 ACP bullets with excellent knockdown power and having 10 or more bombs and under any adverse conditions Be sure to work properly.
And low light conditions, equipped with aiming aids and silencers for use in various dark places, and must be removable.
This was followed by a hard trial with the conventional selection criteria, accuracy test, endurance test and safety test.
As a result, the German H & K company's large handgun Socom Mk23 stopped the shot.

-Variable hop-up system
-Semi-auto (single shot) firing only
-Total length: 245 mm / 427 mm (with silencer attached)
-Gun height: 133mm
-Weight: 850g (including empty magazine) / 1,200g (when fully equipped)
-Bullet: 6 mm BB (0.2 to 0.25 g)
-Power source: Dedicated gas (Please use dedicated "Gunpower HFC134a gas" or "Non-fluorocarbon / Gunpower")
-Number of bullets: 28 + 1 (when one is loaded into the body)
-Type name: SOCOM Mk23
-Type: hand gun (automatic)