DTD Holster GEn2 for MK23 TAN

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Double Tap Designs Second Generation MK23 rapid retention holster.

Right-handed versions are injection molded and have been re-engineered for improved fit. They accept the TM, the ASG/STTI and the SSX-23. The updated design includes an integrated slot with a 2mm hex key for in-field adjustment of TDC hop-up. The retention mechanism features an up-rated spring for improved feedback that the gun has locked securely in place when re-holstering.

The mounting interface is compatible with a range of IMI-type fittings (sold separately) including paddles, MOLLE clips and belt clips widely available from Cytac/Amomax and other manufacturers.

The new left-handed version remains 3D-printed, but has been updated to match the right-handed version and also features the 2mm hex key and fitting compatibility. Both right and left versions block the trigger and magazine release while the gun is fitted.

*Includes a little manual