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GATE Aster V3 Basic SE Lite


GATE Aster V3 Basic SE Lite

AS ECU and FET for Scorpion EVO3-Processor Unit


ASG ECU/FET for CZ Scorpion AEG It's now a single, more robust unit and comes with Deans connector for increased electrical efficiency. Suitable For ASG CZ Scorpion EVO Series Airsoft AEG Rifle Airsoft Guns.

SHS Switch V2


SHS Switch V2

T238 Active Braking MOSFET Module Digital Trigger Unit V2


T238 MOSFET Active Braking Module is a V2 Gearbox MOSFET switch with Active Braking, designed for AIRSOFT, gel ball blasters and other standardV2 gearboxes. It increases gun rate of fire and solves multiple shots in semi mode. Functions : Active braking.The energy that support the active brake function comes from the inertia of motor, stop the piston without delay. The...

Gate Aster V3 basic


ASTER is a younger brother of our famous high-end TITAN ETU, designed to give you a tactical advantage at an attractive price. Our 4th generation Control System will give you maximum reliability and protection together with tons of useful functions such as binary trigger, burst mode, active brake and other essentials. One of the biggest advantages of ASTER V3 is the...

USB-Link 2 for Gate Control Station


USB-Link for GATE Control Station USB-Link module by GATE enables a rapid connection of TITAN and ASTER systems to a computer or a smartphone with GCS - GATE Control Station application installed. The connection with GCS enables access to all functions of systems installed in a replica and allows for updating the firmware. USB-Link can be connected to a replica via the T-Deans socket...

Gate Titan V2 Basic Module Rear Wire


Gate Titan V2 Basic Module Rear Wire

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