Evolution ETS Oversized Mosfet Drop In Recon

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  • Programmable burst from 1 to 250 shots (1 BB increments)
  • Digital trigger switch
  • Digital cut-off sensor (works without the mechanical cut off lever)
  • Digital safety (the mechanical safety lever can be removed or kept as a secondary safety)
  • Shortened trigger stroke
  • Faster trigger response
  • Operating tension 7.4V to 14.8V
  • Programmable LiPo protection function 2-3-4 cells
  • Drop-in installation
  • Full “inside the gearbox” installation
  • Installs in 30 seconds with no modifications
  • Easy to use and to switch between functions
  • Compatible with any commercially available battery, no modifications to the battery required


Evolution added to their line of programmable electronic triggers and mosfets a new version designed to perfectly fit the internals of their Recon guns gearbox.

Installing the Evolution E.T.S. on the Evolution Recon guns is now easier than ever: not only the unit comes already wired, but it is designed to be placed in a specific slot designed to retain the Evolution Oversized Mosfet Unit. This retention slot is a standard feature on all guns of the Evolution Recon line.

The installation of the E.T.S. electronic trigger and its Oversized Mosfet Unit is completely “on board”. Unlike other products offered by the competition, all components of this system are securely placed inside the gearbox. There are not external units that could be damaged or that keep space in the battery compartment. This is one of the great advantages of the Evolution Recon guns.

The Evolution Recon gearboxes have a special retention system specifically designed to retain and secure in place the Oversized Mosfet Unit which is part of the Evolution Electronic Trigger System (E.T.S.). This is a standard feature on all the Evolution Recon guns (Full Metal and Carbontech™ versions).

The unit is delivered in a deluxe protective hardcase and it is compatible with all guns within the Evolution Recon line, both the metal and the Carbontech™ versions.