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GTW GEAR Hybrid IFAK Gen. 3 Black

GTW GEAR Hybrid IFAK Gen. 3 Black

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The most important feature of the first aid kit is its two-part construction: in the package the future user gets a sleeve mounted in PALS system or on a belt up to 50mm wide and a insert which is pulled out on both sides with handles.

On the front of the sleeve there is a large Velcro with a cross. The set includes a double-sided insert, by using which it was possible to obtain as many as three colors of the cross to choose from: red, reflective, and after removing the insert the color matches the color of the IFAK. In addition, in the upper part of the sleeve there is a 50mm wide elastic webbing adapted for carrying a tourniquet.

The main pocket measures 18x10x5 cm. It is a reasonable compromise between compact dimensions and adequate capacity. The front wall is free of any elements that could interfere with sliding the insert into the sleeve. The backside is covered with a large piece of Velcro which serves two functions: the future user can attach there additional pockets, for example a holder for shears, and additionally the Velcro connects with a hook inside the sleeve preventing the insert from accidentally slipping out. The pouches can be accessed from both sides by pulling sharply on one of the handles made from cordura laminates. The Hybrid IFAK is opened with a two-way YKK zipper. To ensure maximum access to the contents, it features the revolutionary QuickOpen technology. Just pull on the two handles and the pocket opens instantly! In addition, you do not have to worry about flooding the first aid kit because the contents are protected from the top by a sleeve made of waterproof Cordura.

The interior was designed to carry as much equipment as possible. It can easily hold basic as well as more advanced medical kit. The Hybrid IFAK will be appreciated by uniformed services personnel, people who work with weapons on a daily bases, shooting lovers and all those who treat safety as a priority.

For the first aid kit, we also recommend the specially developed complete medical kit available in the store and the CAT Gen. 7 tourniquet.

Changes of third generation in relation to the second generation:

- significant reduction of the IFAK dimensions

- adding a cross on the front wall of the sleeve

- replacement of strap handles with cordura laminate handles

- moving belt mounting from the insert to the sleeve (the sleeve is now mounted both in pals system and on the belt)

- addition of a second handle for quick opening of the first aid kit

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