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Prometheus 6.03mm EG Barrel 205mm

Prometheus 6.03mm EG Barrel 205mm

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The Prometheus EG Barrel Series can give your AEG a boost to power as well as accuracy.

The inner diameter of 6.03mm (+/- 0.01mm) means more air is kept behind the BB pushing it down the barrel. Stainless steel construction gives the barrels dimensional stability and helps maintain it's accuracy without the need to extra coatings. The consistency and accuracy in the manufacturing processes translates into more accurate and consistent performance.

Compatible with most AEGs


  • Inside Diameter: 6.03mm
  • Outer Diameter 8.5mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel (SUS)

Country of manufacture: Japan

Inner Barrel Length Guide

590mm - PSG-1
550mm - M16A1/A2/VN, STEYR AUG+
509mm - M16A1/A2/VN, STEYR AUG
500mm - M14
460mm - G3/SG1, Next Gen AK74MN+
455mm - AK47, AK47S
363mm - Next Gen M4 SOCOM/SOPMOD, AK102, M4A1/RIS/SR16/S-System, SG551
300mm - Next Gen G36K, M733, Thompson, MC51+, Next Gen SCAR-H
275.5mm - Next Gen HK416D
260mm - Next Gen AKS74U, Next Gen G36c, Next Gen SCAR-L CQC, High Cycle Steyr AUG
247mm - G36C, P90/TR, CAR15, Sig 552
229mm - MP5A4/A5/J/RAS/SD5/SD6, Beta Spetsnaz

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