Specna Arms CNC aluminium piston head with double o-ring

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CNC aluminum piston head with double o-ring

Specna Arms is a well-known brand on the airsoft market. In order to meet customers’ expectations, we introduce high-quality internal parts as separate products. From now on gears, pistons, cylinders, nozzles, gearbox shells, and many more will be available for sale. That will allow you to get the maximum performance from your replica. The Specna Arms never lags behind – it constantly develops and improves its products to provide customers with optimal solutions in the airsoft field.

Ball bearing piston head with double o-ring from Specna Arms. The product was made of aluminum with the use of CNC machines, which guarantees the high quality of the product. The use of the bearing prevents the spring from collapsing, which makes it possible to maintain a constant muzzle velocity for a longer time.

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