Specna Arms Set 13:1 CNC Steel Gear Type 2

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Product description

CNC 13:1 Steel Gear Set

Specna Arms is a brand popular on the airsoft market that continuously expands its offer. In order to meet the expectations our clients, we introduce high-quality internal parts. As of now you will be able to purchase separate products such as pistons, gearbox shells, cylinders, nozzle and many other. Thanks to the implementation of original parts by Specna Arms, you will be able to achieve maximum performance of your replica. Specna Arms does not fall behind - it constantly grows and perfects its products. Our goal is to supply our clients with optimal solutions adapted to the requirements of modern airsoft battlefields.

The gear set was made of steel. Thanks to the use of precise CNC machines, the manufacturer was able to produce good-quality parts that are excellent for ASG replica tuning.