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TNT 6.03 MM t-HOP 370 MM Precision Barrel for GBB

TNT 6.03 MM t-HOP 370 MM Precision Barrel for GBB

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6.03mm T.N.T. S+ 320mm Precision Barrel for GBB Replicas

An innovative precision barrel by Taiwanese T.N.T. made of nickel-plated on the inside and outside bronze.

Thanks to the implementation of an innovative system in the form of increased barrel exhaust diameter and added special grooves, a BB has increased accuracy and range. Therefore, the barrel has two diameter: 6.03 mm entry diameter and 6.35 mm exhaust diameter. Barrels by T.N.T are manufactured using very precise CNC machines which ensure high-quality and barrel precision. 

S+ version is characteristic for its slightly different construction of the barrel window that affects the slightly different way buckings are pressed by a spacer than in a traditional barrel, thus further improving accuracy. 

The set includes, apart from high-quality barrel, a dedicated Hop-Up bucking with a hardness of 60O.

The implementation of a high-quality barrel and Hop-Up bucking improves accuracy and range of a replica. 

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