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Ultimate Tactical

Ultimate Tactical Ghillie Suit camouflage suit set - BCP

Ultimate Tactical Ghillie Suit camouflage suit set - BCP

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Ghillie Suit camouflage suit set

Ghillie camouflage suit, on the contrary to standard uniforms, offer not only a camouflage, but also blur the user's silhouette, making an idea of camouflage much more effective. Ghillie suits are considered a staple part of sharpshooter's equipment - all of them undergo a special training courses in order to customize their suits to different terrains. Camouflage becomes an art, and Ghillie suits are very important part of the palette. 

Main advantages of Ghillie camouflage sets are:

- Material: 65% polyester + 35% cotton
- angled-sewn pouches allows easy access
- hooks&loops strips enable using of Morale patches
- spacious Cargo pouches
- strong and reinforced sewing in most important parts
- packed in bags in the same camouflage pattern

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