Airsoftpro Full CNC Scar Hopup Chamber

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AirsoftPro brings first CNC aluminium HopUp chamber for SCAR-H on the market. It is dedicated for SCAR-H series only. It is all made of a single piece of aluminum alloy 6061- T6 with red anodized finish . It is a material with high strength , and  is lightweight. Weight of the chamber and only 16 grams. It is not  re -brand or a repackaged product of another manufacturer . The chamber was made ??in the Czech Republic .

Chamber is compatible with the SCAR-H (Heavy) by manufactures: Dboys (SC-02), AGM , VFC , ECHO1. Optimal nozzle lenght is 38,5 - 39mm. Not suitable for Marui brand or Scar-L.

Basic characteristics:

  • Made on high precision CNC machines.
  • Better sealing. (You may test more different HopUp buckings to reach the best performance)
  • Durable body with red anodized coating.
  • Compatible with the stock plastic nozzle.
  • Compatible with the original Dboys small plastic parts.
  • Two pressing snobs in the packing.
  • Suitable for nozlles 38,5 - 39mm

Every package include:

  • Brass center ring.
  • Full accessory (screw, pin, gears, barrel lock, shims, springs...etc).
  • Small 1x1 oring for screw as an anti loose washer.
  • Durable HopUp bucking.
  • Two pressing snobs - rubber and X shape.



Assembly notification: Use light hammer for metal pin insert.  Try more different buckings or nozzles (if you have) to test and reach the best sealing.