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Retro Arms

PSJ-M2 RETRO ARMS Gen.5 Bluetooth - OEM

PSJ-M2 RETRO ARMS Gen.5 Bluetooth - OEM

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The new fifth generation of our processor unit is the most advanced processor unit and is the one of the most elaborate unit in the world. The biggest new feature is wireless communiaction via BLUETOOTH.

All our older features are maintained and tuned to perfection. Again we were able to reduce current consumption up to 3,2 mA. The G-App appliacation was programmed to set up your PSJ. With this appliaction you can easy configure online your device. Application is intuitive and graphically elaborated. The biggest advantage is that application is still evolving and is recording your complete replica’s statistics.

OEM Version:

New generation of our uniqe processor units with OEM indicate. New lower prices are compensated by absence of packaging, extensive manual, modified selector plate with magnet, Dean-T connector, heat schrink tubings and gold-plated motor plugs. Our new version is determined for experts with experiences at AEG and processor units.  Our new products have many function like completely contactless switching by magnets, MOSFET cooled by whole gearbox, fully functional active break in all mode set, fully programmable burst, new fire modes nad indication of correct installation.

Overview of GEN. 5 news

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • New double-trigger function.
  • Communiaction via mobile application.
  • Unit size revised to fit into most gearboxes without any trouble.
  • Easier installation into your replica.
  • Burst can now be set differently for “semi” (burst1) and “auto” (burst2).
  • Lower energy consumption, as low as 3.2mA.
  • Can be used with spring up to M210 with rate of fire 99rpm.
  • 2 Magnets for DSG gears

Application features

  • Battery setting
  • Active brake setting
  • Cadence setting
  • Shot delay setting
  • Only Semi mode
  • Semi-mode setting
  • Auto mode setting
  • Manual mode
  • Complete replica statistics

Function overwiev of processor unit M2 Gen.5:

Fire modes

  • separate fire modes can be set for “semi” and “auto”
  • configurable burst mode - from 1 up to 255 BBs shot on one quick trigger pull
  • separate burst setting for “semi” (burst1) and “auto” (burst2)
  • automatically switches from semi to burst or from burst to full auto without any delay when the trigger is pulled for a longer time
  • modes are fully programmable by trigger itself

Rate of fire

  • allows you to set delay (in ms) between the two following shots
  • allows rate of fire setting (by % of the rate)
  • programmable by trigger

Special functions

  • default settings reset: You can simply reset all settings to their default values by the trigger
  • manual mode: If your PSJ indicates damage and you are sure it is not mechanical and your replica is able to shoot, you can access manual mode. In this mode, malfunction is ignored and you can fire on full auto mode only.
    WARNING! By poor judgement, you can cause more damage to your replica and the unit!
  • SEMI only mode: Other fire modes will be ignored and replica will shoot only on SEMI regardless of fire mode selected by selector (equals selector setting Safe - Semi - Semi)


  • no mechanical switch, switching is contactless
  • faster trigger response
  • increased rate of fire and battery life
  • maximum current up to 202A constant and 808A in peek

Active brake

  • stops motor immediately with piston in default position and spring loose (when 100% set)
  • increases lifetime of piston, spring and many other parts
  • always finishes whole rotation of the gear wheels
  • fully functional in all fire modes
  • adjustable by steps of 10%
  • possibility to completely disable active brake (set 0%)

Malfunction detection

  • unit detects mechanical damage and disables shooting to prevent any other damage
  • user is warned by motor vibrations

Li-Pol/Li-Ion/Li-Fe battery check

  • when lithium battery is discharged, unit warns user by motor vibrations
  • battery type needs to be set – easily done using the trigger
  • warning is off for Ni-MH, Ni-Cd batteries

Realistic trigger operation

  • trigger sensitivity can be set during installation to best fit your demands - see complete installation manual on

Anti-reversal latch

  • solves problem with double shot on semi
  • anti-reversal latch may not be needed if the motor is powerful enough (not recommended)

LED indication

  • unit is equipped with LED indication for easier installation
  • LED located on the unit itself will indicate correct installation of magnet on the piston gear wheel
  • indication supplements motor vibrations - it indicates what motor vibrations would
  • malfunction indication can be used to determine correct installation of magnet onto the trigger

All this hidden inside your gearbox

  • the whole unit is installed inside your gearbox, replacing trigger contacts
  • only two power wires come from gearbox

Generation 5 units are suitable for AEG replicas according to the version of gearbox each unit is designed for. Units have been tested in gearboxes of following manufacturers*:
AimTop, APS, ARES, ASG Ultimate, Cyma, DBoys, Guarder, RetroArms, SHS, SRC

*Every manufacturer innovates their products over the time, so there is possibility, that the gearbox tested by us is different from yours. However this only means, that your installation might require some minor adjustments.

Technical parameters

  • Top quality silicone wiring. 1mm2 in cut capable of transmitting up to 47A constant.
  • Powerful MOSFET with maximum current up to 202A constant and 808A in peak allows use almost without any restrictions.
  • MOSFET is effectively cooled by the whole gearbox.
  • The whole unit is coated in multiple layers of varnish for maximum durability even in poor conditions.
  • Replica‘s rate of fire is limited by gearbox components and technical specifications. PSJ unit itself is able to do up to 500 000 cycles (shots) per second. Unit is tested for 99 cycles (shots) per second.
  • Current consumption of unit in standby mode is as low as 3.7mA.

Package contents

  • processor unit PSJ gen.5
  • heat conducting foil
  • magnets
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